Simple To Set Up

Your store can be up and running in 5 easy steps! It should only take about 4 hours for you to set everything up and you can realistically start making sales within 24 - 48hrs. Just follow the steps and do a good job promoting your website!

Great For Beginners!

This simple business model and basic website structure make this a great way for people to get started owning and operating their own online store.

Learn How To Code

We teach you how to modify this website and repost your own copy. It's a simple online store that sells website files and educational videos. It works really well!

Get started in 5 easy steps!

1. Buy A Copy Of This Website - $65

After your purchase, you will be redirected to our success page where you can instantly download the website files as well as the step by step instructions that show you how to set it up.

2. Edit The Website Files - Free

The instructions are extremely basic. There are only 2 things you need to change! You just have change the payment link and the contact form so that the payments and inquiries go directly to you. That's it!

3. Buy A Domain Name - $15 / year

You then purchase your own domain name as your website will need it's own name. A domain name only costs about $15 for the year and we give you a list of reliable domain name providers as well as tips on how to find a great domain name for your business.

4. Buy Website Hosting - $15 mth

Next you just have to buy a basic hosting plan in order to host your own website. Hosting services will cost you around $15mth and we'll give you a list of reliable providers and show you how to get your newly edited website files from your computer onto the internet!

5. Advertise Your Website

Once your website is online, you just have to advertise it and start generating sales! Some people may use the contact form to ask you questions. All you have to do is reply to those emails and answer their questions as best as possible. Customer service skills are an asset.

Generate Sales & Make Money!

Once your website is online your only job is to promote it and answer inquiries. You can spend as much or as little time as you want on it. The more effort you put into it, the more money you will make. There is unlimited potential with this business!