Frequently Asked Questions

The information below should answer all of your questions. You can also contact the owner of the website using the contact form below.

1. What Exactly Am I Buying?

You are buying a copy of the original files for this website, as well as the instructions / educational videos that show you how to customize your website and turn it into your own fully functioning online business. You also get the non-exclusive rights to re-sell these files to other people.

2. What Exactly Am I Selling?

You are selling copies of the same website files and videos that you just purchased. Essentially, you are selling copies of this fully functioning online business to people who want to start making money online quickly and easily.

This truly is a very fast, simple, easy, affordable, low risk way to start an online business and get money coming in asap. All you have to do is change the payment link, change the contact form, post your copy of the website, promote it and start making sales! Everything else has already been done for you. It is an easy product to sell and it works!

3. Is This A Legitimate Business?

100% yes. You are buying and selling website files and educational videos. It is definitely a legitimate business.

4. Is This Affiliate Marketing?

No. Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else's website/product and earn a commission. This is a website and business that you will own 100% and have full control over. 100% of the payments from your website go to you.

5. Is This Multi Level Marketing? (MLM)

No. This is a very simple and straightforward business model. There are no levels. With our product you own and operate your own website/business as you see fit and 100% of all payments from your website go directly to you.

6. How Much Money Can I Make?

Some people are more ambitious than others therefore there is no guarantee as to how much money you will make. All we can say is that this is an incredibly low cost, low risk, fully functioning online business and you can own an exact copy of it right now for just $65.

Where else can you start a business for less than $100 and be profitable on your first 2 sales? There are millions of people out there looking for an opportunity like this! If you put your website in front of the right audience, it should not be hard to make sales. The potential financial reward for you with this business is extremely high!

7. Do You Have A Refund Policy?

No. These are digital products that can't be returned and full details regarding this business are properly explained to you upfront, prior to your purchase. We're certain that if you follow the steps and make the effort, you will be successful!

However, if you're having any issues, please contact the website owner (the person who you bought from) and they will be happy to assist you! They can be reached using the contact form on the website and you'll also get their contact info at time of purchase.

8. Do You Offer Support?

Each website is independently owned and operated. Each owner should be happy to help their customers! Here's a tip. Try contacting the owner of this website using the form below and see if they reply and provide you with good service. If so, you'll know you're dealing with a good owner who will be there to help you when needed!

9. What Do The Educational Videos Teach Me?

You get 22 short and easy to follow videos that cover the basics of all of the topics below and show you how to set up your website and generate sales. (Beginner level - perfect for beginners!)

  • Intro Video
  • Buying Domain Names
  • Website Editing - Install Google Analytics
  • Website Editing - Keywords, Title Tags, Description And More.
  • Website Editing - Collecting Payments
  • Website Editing - Creating/Installing Contact Forms
  • Website Editing - Hosting / Publishing Your Website
  • Promoting Your Website!

10. What Are My Total Startup Costs For This?

Website + Domain Name + First Month Web Hosting comes to a total of about $95usd. You can do free and/or paid advertising, that's up to you.

11. Do I Have To Pay and/or Collect Taxes?

Yes. You will be responsible for tracking your business income and expenses and paying taxes according to your local laws. You are a business that sells digital files including website files and educational videos. Your domain name, website hosting and purchase of this website are examples of business expenses that you can write off. Please consult a tax expert in your area to be properly advised regarding your taxes. Our advice is to focus on making money first and once you're making money you can get in touch with a tax professional in your area for more info.

12. Can I Set My Own Price?

Technically yes. It's your website so you'll have control over the content and can change the price. We would caution you against this however as the original creator set the price of this website at $65 for very good reasons! If you charge more than $65, you may make less sales and if you charge less than $65 it may not be worth your while.

Setting the price at $65 makes this an attractive, low risk opportunity with very high potential reward and is sure to generate lots of sales. Most people will agree that for $65 they're getting great value and will be happy with their purchase! $65 makes it very easy for people to get in and is also a profitable price point when selling!

13. Can I Use This Website For Other Businesses?

YES! Once you get the hang of editing the website files, you can start creating multiple copies of this website and launching other businesses! You can sell different products or use it to generate sales leads for other industries. The opportunities are endless. If you don't know anything about websites or how to run an online business, the knowledge and skills you'll gain with this product/business can literally change your life!

14. How Do I Get Started!?

Make your purchase using the Buy Now button below. Once your payment is complete, you'll be directed to our success page where you can instantly download everything you need to get started! If you need assistance or have further questions, please contact the owner of this website using the form below!